We design our Family Program to educate our community about the impact of addiction (or substance use disorder) on all friends and family members.

We are here to:
— Improve communication and break down barriers that may interfere with the recovery process.
— Assist loved ones to learning a helpful response instead of harmful reactions.
— Provide loved ones with a pathway for their own support, recovery and strategies for sustained self-care.

Family & Friends Group – Mondays – 6-7pm.

A process group meeting for family and friends of a person living with addiction. Clients are encouraged to attend as a way to enhance communication and foster understanding of the family member’s perspective. This group meets weekly, except holidays when OP services are closed.

Not Alone – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 5:30p-7p.

An informal Meet & Greet designed only for friends/family members of those with substance use challenges.  If you have questions about how to support someone who has an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs feel free to join us!

Breaking Barriers – Thursdays 5:45-7:00 (includes family and clients)

Our staff designed this group to help break through the barriers that individuals and families face when encountering addiction, which can become a challenge during early and long-term recovery. This group will assist in improving communication, establishing healthy boundaries and developing a plan for improved relationship skills. Family members may also attend on their own.

Individual Support Counseling

In addition to group support and education, Individual Counseling is available to friends/ family of a person with alcohol or drug addiction, whether that person seeks treatment or not. (This service is free to residents of Columbia MO.)  Call Greg 573-875-8880 2123

Family Conference

Ask your counselor about scheduling a family conference for your loved ones can better understand how to support your recovery while taking care of themselves.

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