Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy


Phoenix Programs embraces a treatment philosophy that encourage clients to be responsible for their own recovery and offers them tools that will empower their motivation for change.  This is achieved by creating new or strengthening ties to the recovery community as well as the community at large. The ultimate goal is a strong recovery-oriented system of care that supports a client throughout treatment and remains in place as the individual prepares to disengage from the treatment center and move on to what every recovery community they choose.

Best Practices

Phoenix Programs values and models evidence-based treatment practices in all of its treatment and prevention programming. Every treatment track is based on tested, proven methods that ensure the best possible results for each individual.

Client Satisfaction

We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive individualized treatment to meet their unique needs. We use client satisfaction surveys to help us understand how clients experience treatment.

Treatment Results and Outcomes

Our philosophy, adherence to best practice models, and listening to our clients, has created a treatment atmosphere that produces the best possible results for our clients, their families, and their communities.

With permission, we call every individual who has been to Phoenix Programs six months after their initial intake in order to see how he or she is doing in the community. We ask: “how is sobriety, what is work and family life like now, are you more connected to recovery supports, and is your legal status and health in better condition than it was?” All of the responses to these questions are put together to gauge how well the treatment at Phoenix Programs helped change an individual’s life for the better.

Phoenix Programs’ data indicates that we have significant impact on our clients. Six months after leaving treatment 72% of clients report being abstinent from drugs and alcohol, 83% report no new negative social consequences as a result of drug / alcohol use, and 89% of clients report that they are connected to self-help or peer support groups in the community.

Phoenix Programs makes outcome reports available to funders, donors, and community stakeholders regularly because we know that positive outcomes help clients and their families have confidence that they are getting best treatment possible.

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