The Phoenix Leadership Team

The Phoenix Leadership Team

Teresa Goslin

Executive Director

Rhiannon Ross

Chief Financial Officer

Bobby Reichert

Director of Core Services

Board of Directors

Greg Deline, President
President, Deline Holdings

Pat Concannon, Vice President
Business Consultant

Randy Minchew, Member and Past President
President, Hashtag Enterprises LLC.

Tim Nielsen, Member
District Manager, Great Western Dining

Christopher Wolfe, Member
Associate Director of IT, University of Missouri

Deborah Daniels, Member
Retired Boone County Judge

Valorie Sisson, Member
Director — Columbia Vet Center

Scott Priesmeyer, Member
Shelter Insurance

Rev. Clyde Ruffin, Member
Senior Pastor, Second Missionary Baptist Church



About the Board of Directors

Phoenix Programs is governed by a volunteer board of directors.The Phoenix Programs board is comprised entirely of local mid-Missouri residents. These board members have functional responsibilities, accountability and obligations. Even though they are volunteers, governing board members have both legal and fiduciary responsibilities which include:

Responsibility. The board functions under the authority of Missouri statute to ensure that Phoenix Programs operates in the best interests of the people of Missouri.

Role. Board members are policy makers. With the executive director as the policy implementer, the board member must assure efficient and effective management of services, programs, personnel, facility and finance requirements for the mission and goals. They plan for the organization’s future – from assessment of external forces to reexamination of the validity of internal services. This exemplary leadership includes active public advocacy, participation in organization functions and personal financial support.

Criteria. Individual members possess the personal attributes of talents, skills and experience needed by the organization to accomplish the approved mission, goals and plans. In addition, each person possesses objectivity, wisdom and judgement to assess proposed policy and evaluation considerations.

The Phoenix Programs board consists of up to 9 members. The smaller board size was developed to maximize the responsibility, accountability and efficiency of each participant. Meetings allow time for detailed discussion which foments feelings of unity, common purpose and ownership. The members are active and the meeting are productive and meaningful.

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