Recovery: Alcohol use among program participants dropped by 15% from intake to 6-month follow-up in 2017.  Likewise, drug use decreased by 40% from intake to 6 month follow-up.

Family: Participants increase their interactions with supportive family and friends by 5% from intake to 6 month follow-up.

Physical Health: Program participants reduce self-reported chronic physical illness by 20% from intake to 6 month follow-up.  We attribute this to linkage we provide to primary medical care.

Employment: Phoenix Programs participants increase employment by 50% from intake to follow-up.

Housing: Participants are 10% more likely to retain stable housing after completing treatment at Phoenix Programs.

Social Connectedness: Program participants attend self-help groups one-third less than those who do not attend. This is an indication of their commitment to recover.

Anxiety: Participants experience high rates of anxiety during the recovery process.  Since the implementation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy we have seen a decrease in anxiety by 17% from intake to follow-up.

Satisfaction: Phoenix Programs participants report satisfaction with the service provided with 98% reporting a “good” or better rating at first impression and throughout their programming.

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