We are very proud to announce that the University of Missouri School of Social work has awarded Bachelor of Social Work Field Instructor of The Year to our very own Lisa Horner.  Lisa continues to work with interns referred by many schools in the area by assisting them in applying what they have learned in the classroom to real-life situations. Through her leadership, students gain knowledge on professional practice for whatever field they are working in. While most of the students come from the University of Missouri School of Social Work, The College of Education at the University of Missouri has also referred some students working on counseling psychology degrees along with Columbia College, Stephens College and Walden University. In addition, we are proud to announce that Lincoln University just signed an agreement and a social work intern is scheduled to start in January. In working with students, we tell schools that Phoenix Programs, Inc. is a center of learning excellence in the domains of addiction treatment and counseling. By allowing students to develop their learning plan based on what they want to learn, we provide them with the real-world experiences to demonstrate that knowledge.

After a  nomination process, the award of Bachelor of Social Work Field Instructor of The Year is given to the person who embodies the qualities that the department would like to see in the areas of; supervision process and style, effective teaching techniques, good values and ethics, and the development of student’s knowledge of social work practice and social and economic justice.  Of the twelve instructors nominated this year, Lisa was selected as the best of the best.  Her ability to both challenge and support students in a way that inspires students to become not only effective social workers, but to do so while maintaining a high degree of integrity and ethical values.  Way to go Lisa, we are very proud of you!