Outpatient Services

Outpatient education and therapy groups are available. Most often therapy groups have six to eight members. Education topic groups are much larger and are often offered in a classroom style setting. The outpatient schedule is developed to meet the needs of each individual person.

A structured system of day or evening treatment that allows a client who needs intensive substance use disorder services to stay in their own home and go to work while attending treatment. This popular format incorporates group therapy, lectures, and support given from peers to learn and practice recovery skills for everyday life to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Continuing Treatment
Continuing Treatment is a highly individualized treatment program which focuses on each individual maintaining recovery.

We know that the longer someone can stay in treatment, the more success that they will have in recovery. Attending treatment for three to six months is the best assurance and predictor of long term success. This level assists in the development of long term recovery goals.

Specialized Services
Phoenix Programs has many specialized services available to individuals. These services include special women’s treatment groups, services for veterans, trauma treatment, vocational counseling, relapse prevention, mindfulness based relapse prevention and more. Needs for specialized services are identified at assessment and can be accessed throughout the treatment process.

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